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Our qualified teams can take care of all your projects: study, design, realization, prototype, advice and R & D. The dynamism and professionalism of our technicians are at your service to meet your current and future needs.

Expert in high precision plastics, LAMENPLAT GROUP through its 2 companies VP PLAST and VP MOLDS, manufactures microtechnical parts injected in moulding and overmoulding and manufactures injection molds, from high performance thermoplastics: PEEK, PPS, LCP, POM... The miniaturization and the precision of the pieces are their daily.

To respond to the automotive, electrical and all other industrial sectors, LAMENPLAST GROUP, through its MASTER PLAST company, manufactures technical and / or aspect components and subassemblies through different processes (injection, bi-injection, overmolding, assembly, ...) of variable size from 15mm to 200mm.

For markets seeking multi-cavity very high speed technical molds (up to several hundred million pieces), SOMMEPP provides its know-how and expertise on this specific niche. SOMMEPP also offers services in cylindrical grinding of very high precision.